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Professional Minneapolis Replacement Window Installation Is Well Worth the Money – Here’s Why!

We understand that when homeowners here in the Minneapolis area are having home improvement and remodeling projects done, they want to save money.  You might be tempted to cut corners by doing things yourself or choosing the lowest bidder, but often that’s not the wisest choice.  Your home is probably your biggest investment, so it just makes sense that when you have work done on it, you get the value you deserve and need.  That’s especially true when having new windows put in.

Many people do not realize the dangers associated with having a poor window installation job done. This isn’t a project where it’s a good idea to save money by hiring the cheapest company to do the work. Often when a company’s installation costs are low, there are good (though not necessarily desirable) reasons for it.  If you do not hire a reputable, professional replacement window contractor to  install the windows for you, you may find out sooner rather than later that it was a mistake.

Windows that are not properly installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications most likely will not provide adequate insulation.  They may leak air or water and  will not be as energy efficient as they should be. You may have other problems we well, such as windows that don’t operate easily or won’t stay open.

Paying for a quality replacement window installation is ideal and in a perfect world, this is the way that every homeowner should have their new windows installed. It is well worth the extra money and it saves you money in the long run.

Dangers of Improper Window Installation

When replacement windows aren’t installed correctly,  you can have major problems.  Moisture infiltration is one of the biggest threats that come with having an improperly installed window. This can cause damage to the surrounding wall and even the floor area around the window. Some of the damage may go unseen for some time, causing the wood inside the wall to rot.

Windows and their frames can go bad with time, leaving the window needing to be replaced within a shorter period of time due to the damage. You spend a good amount of money on these windows, so you want them to last. Property installation can ensure that they do.

Mold, mildew and other toxic spores can grow on the outside of the walls or inside on the insulation when the moisture seeps in. This is potentially toxic to those that are in the area breathing in the air. These are harmful to the area around you and to your lungs. We’ve done replacement window projects where there has been water damage, and it might surprise you how extensive the problems can be inside the walls – hidden, growing and spreading over time, until you need sections of the wall torn out, insulation replaced, and even structural sections repaired.

In addition to the costly repairs that may result, there is the issue of heat and cooling loss. If you have warm air going in and out of your home when it shouldn’t be then you’re spending more on your energy bill then you should be. Save money on your utility bills with a proper window installation.

Okay, now that you’ve decided to have us install your new replacement windows, here are some tips to be prepared for the window installation process.

We provide quality replacement window installation as well as quality windows here at Window Outfitters. We are THE window replacement contractor for the Twin Cities area.  We’ll install your windows perfectly. Or we’ll be back to make it right. Give us a call today to learn more.

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