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Benefits That Come with Minnesota Storm Doors – Do You Really Need Them?

This winter here in the Minneapolis area has been harsh already, and we’re only about half way through it.  Are you feeling it in your house? High winds, freezing rains, and temperatures that fluctuate from balmy to sub-zero may have homeowners wondering just what they can do to make their homes more comfortable on the inside, cut the heating bills, and add value to the exterior of their homes.  The answer to all of these questions just might be this: have storm doors installed over your exterior entry doors.

There are always upsides to doors and depending on the type you choose, you may find that the benefits extend beyond what people say. The same holds true for storm doors. They can provide the homeowner with a multitude of benefits that you may not even realize until you have them installed.

Thought of as an essential piece of the home in colder climates, especially Minnesota, the exterior storm door is something  you might want to consider getting if you do not already have them protecting your entry doors. They can even be used to winterize a home and make it even more comfortable, while saving you money in heating bills.

Storm Doors 101: The Basics

At one time storm doors were standard issue for every home, especially here in the Twin Cities. But with the advent of today’s energy efficient exterior doors, many homeowners have made the mistake of thinking they are no longer needed. But that isn’t true.

What Do Storm Doors Do?

Storm doors are a great addition to have on the home because they essentially can let in the sunlight without the worry of pests, such as insects getting in. They are multi-functional and provide homeowners with many benefits that follow. They can be added to any exterior entry door.

There also many different types of storm doors:  full glass, storm doors, ventilating storm doors and retractable screen storm doors. The one you put on your home depends on the use that you want to get from it.

Benefits of a Storm Door

There are many benefits to updating, upgrading, replacing or adding a storm door to your home. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • This provides a pocket of insulation that keeps the home comfortable
  • Provides more light inside the home
  • Increases the ventilation and air flow throughout the home
  • It can provide an extra barrier
  • Provides more security
  • Prevents rodents and bugs from entering the home
  • Keeps pets and children inside the home
  • Increases the life of the main entry door by protecting it from the weather and reducing sunlight-related damage

They Come with Many Features

The storm doors come with many features, depending on the brand and style you choose as well as the options you select. You can ensure that you find the right door that looks the best on your home when choosing from a wide range of doors on the market.

Speak with a Minnesota door installation professional regarding the storm door you would like to have added to your home. Here at Window Outfitters, we can provide the expertise needed to install the best storm doors on your home to provide yourself with energy-efficient savings and a beautiful appearance. We install quality storm doors in the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.


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