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The Minnesota Replacement Window Experts Let You Know If You Can Paint Vinyl Windows

Perhaps you’ve got vinyl windows that you think are in good condition but you just don’t care for the color anymore. Or maybe you’re looking to make an easy change to the appearance of the exterior your house and a new color for the window frames seems like a good idea. With wood windows, this can be relatively easy to accomplish – a new coat of paint.

But what about vinyl windows – can they be painted?

Can You Paint Vinyl Windows?

Window and paint professionals seem to be divided on this.  Many people say yes, while others say no. Who do you believe?

Of course, before you get out that paint can and brush, you probably should find out if this is something that you’re able to do safely without having to worry about ruining the outside of the windows. Is it even worth it?

Or should you just replace the windows instead?

The first thing is to decide if it’s even worth it financially.  An average paint job may last about 7 years, so unless you think your windows have at least that much life left in them, you’re wasting your time and money. New replacement windows do come pre-finished in many different colors so it may be more feasible to get the look you want AND new windows.  You may want to think about other ways to change the color of the vinyl, such as replacing the windows entirely.

But if you’ve determined that your existing vinyl windows will outlive the paint job, there are things to keep in mind.

Painting Vinyl Windows: Problems

There are multiple problems that you will face if you choose to paint your vinyl windows.  One of the biggest issues is that when you paint over the vinyl then it can chip off easily.  This will produce something unsightly, and you’ll be touching up the paint frequently.

Another problem that some may come across is that painting the frames can void the warranty entirely. Do you really want to worry about something going wrong with the windows only to find out that they won’t cover the problem due to having the window frame painted?

A third issue is color choice.  If you’ve got dark window frames and are switching to white or another light color, you will probably need primer and/or multiple coats of paint to get good coverage. Going from light to dark?  Darker paint colors will absorb heat, which can cause a warping of the frames.  Again, this may void the warranty.

Perhaps at this point we’ve convinced you that you’re probably better off to replace your old vinyl windows with new ones.  But if not, please watch for our next post where we’ll give you some pointers on how to get the best paint job possible on those windows. 

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